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Brendan Dillon
Dennis Kiingati

Bryan Redmond
Executive Chef

Allison Ferraro
Bar Manager



Hamlet & Ghost is a contemporary craft cocktail bar built on a colorful past. We blend one part speakeasy, two parts modern cocktail bar, and a dash of ambiance—and aim to put you at ease, delight you with flavors, and deliver an understated and relaxing experience.


Our location at 24 Caroline Street in downtown Saratoga Springs was once a feed and grain store in the 1870s. It became a hardware store during Prohibition—an alleged facade to a hidden gambling spot within. Today, Hamlet & Ghost honors the historical role of the bar or tavern as a central community gathering spot.


Brendan Dillon leads Hamlet & Ghost's operations. He is a native Saratogian and was a central figure behind the bar for five years at Max London’s Restaurant & Bar. Brendan’s other hospitality experience includes Verde Restaurant at Stratton Mountain in Vermont as well as several other Saratoga establishments. Brendan's journey into craft cocktails  began at a bartending course taught by Gary Regan -- otherwise known as "The Cocktail Godfather".

Dennis Kiingati concerns himself with the taste and experience of spirits at the bar.  That's a fancy way of saying he drinks a lot.  He has also perfected the art of holding up a bar with his elbow and forearm which has proven helpful in this new endeavor.  His contributions to the project have fallen tragically short in the areas of manners, social graces and sense of style, but everyone seems to kind of like him anyway. Must be the accent.


Bryan Redmond, Chef at Hamlet & Ghost, worked in New York City, and Saratoga Springs fine-tuning his craft.



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